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The HOME Course (Human Occupational Model for Eating disorders) program was created by an Occupational Therapist and a Specialist Eating Disorder Nurse Practitioner.  It uses Our Occupational Model to understand and overcome Eating Disorders as opposed to a Medical model.  The Medical model says that the client has contracted an illness.  This can lead to years of therapy in which the client waits for the doctor / psychotherapist to 'heal them'.  Our Occupational Model says that the eating disorder is a complex form of habituated behaviours that have been learned.  These behaviours can be challenged by the client if they are willing to engage and attempt to change the way they think.  Changing thoughts leads to a change in feeling, which in turn leads to a change in behaviour.  The advantage of the Occupational Model, is that it puts the emphasis onto the client and empowers them to change.  Clients themselves can change very quickly if they are given step by step practical ways to do so.  The HOME Program provides this step by step process for willing clients by requesting them to engage in written tasks throughout each module that examine their current thoughts and behaviours and then encourage them to find alternative modes of thought and behaviour.  


 It is designed for clients to take responsibility for their current situation and to empower them to make the changes that they need to make. It is a self directed learning and support program designed to challenge the key areas that hold clients fixed within their problems. 

No one can make you 'better' from the outside - not your family, a therapist, your best friend, no one.  Change only comes from within you.  This study course will call you to take action and challenge you by asking the questions that will cause you to make your own changes.  It can be very difficult, but lasting change is never easy.  To make changes you may have to change many habits and thoughts that you currently have.  This can be the hardest thing to do for some, however, the rewards of those changes have literal life changing potential. 

Why Choose the HOME program? 

Our exclusive new interactive program is affordable, engaging, educational and can be completed by families and/or clients in their own time and space.   


All the benefits of face to face input:

Each module covers the same format and structure of face to face sessions, as provided by ARD Therapies' professionals, but provides you with the support and information to work through your difficulties independently at your own pace

Assigned mentor throughout

In our VIP program you receive assigned support from an Eating Disorder Professional with direct experience and expertise of assisting people to lasting recovery who will tailor the support to your unique needs

No hidden or ongoing costs: 

1 single payment can deliver everything you need, including all modules, our support, the learning guides, the creation tools, reference charts and templates.  There is up to 30% Discount on selected products  


The program allows flexibility and puts the client in control to complete the modules in their own time and space

Ideal for shy/introverted individuals

Clients don't have to open up to professionals - the course is completed independently or with a loved one.  Our support is via email on the VIP program and complements clients' efforts to provide assurance and direction where needed

Easy to complete

The course is easy to complete and simplifies a difficult aspect of eating disorders each week




Having experienced eating difficulties for so many years, Alex used to think that there was no hope for lasting change.  Having finally overcome the problem, he wanted to provide others with the hope that change is not only possible, but can happen relatively quickly, if the right approach and effort is put in.  Using some original ways of thinking about the problem and implementing certain techniques that are simple yet so effective.  

Following Alex's recovery, assisted by his partner Gwen, (who happens to be an eating disorder specialist nurse practitioner), they began to work together in the community to support clients on a face to face basis.  After 2 years of doing so, they created the HOME program. 


"Alex and Gwen have condensed the techniques that they have developed over 15 years into 6 modules." 

Gwen has over 15 years experience within mental health and eating disorders.  Alex is an Occupational Therapist and has personally experienced body image difficulties for nearly 20 years before overcoming the problem for good. The course condenses their knowledge into 6 easy to follow sessions.  It's like they are with you every step.     



Additional Benefits of the Course 

It is particularly helpful for clients who find it hard to be open with professionals.  

It is very effective for clients who excel academically, as the course is based on educating and challenging previous ways of thinking.  

It is very useful for early intervention (up to 18 months of initial difficulties) before behaviours have become too ingrained.   

You get the knowledge and lived experience from two professionals condensed into the course content.

Due to the interactive nature of the program, you will receive unique coping strategies tailored for your needs and to your strengths that you will be able to use time and again.  




The program format is to provide a new way of viewing eating disorders and to continually challenge clients to look at and change how they think about certain aspects of their lives, including their bodies, their families, their school or career.  

"The interactive and educationally challenging aspect of the program encourages clients to really put some effort into thinking about, and setting down on paper, the ways they can best overcome their difficulties." 

More so than a therapist telling you how things are, it provides a platform for self directed change, that can create lasting results.  Clients have the option of submitting their completed work at the end of each module for feedback and advice from their assigned mentor in the VIP Program, for them to give them unique tailored direction towards further recovery.   


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