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What is the HOME Program? 

  • The HOME program is the step by step treatment program designed to actively engage clients within their recovery.  It is a series of exercises geared to challenge clients current thoughts and behaviours to encourage and promote self-directed change.  It can be completed by clients independently or with the support of a loved one in their own time.  In our VIP program, unique tailored support is remotely provided to clients and families from an assigned eating disorder specialist mentor, via email.  

Who is the program suitable for?

  • The program is for anyone who is experiencing an eating disorder or symptoms similar to an eating disorder.  The program works along any other support that you may be receiving or waiting to receive.  There is no age limit, however, clients need to be able to engage with the course in a mature and intellectual way.  Clients younger than 11 would have to be very academic to engage fully with the course.  

Is there anyone who can't do the course?

  • The course is not designed to manage clients at the critical stage.  By that we mean if they are awaiting or require hospitalisation the course will not be a substitute for that.  Following hospital discharge, clients can engage with the course if their physical and mental state are well enough to do so.  

Can I purchase the course for my daughter / son?  

  • Yes.  We designed the course partly for that very reason.  Often clients will not agree to see a professional but will happily work through their difficulties on their own or with a loved one.  The course provides you with everything you need to work through some very difficult issues and we can support you every step along the way.  Always be sure to gain the consent of the person you are intending to complete the course with.  

Can I get my money back after purchasing? 

  • Yes, on our Face to face program of £630, we can provide refunds on any or all of the unused face to face sessions at a price of £45 each, for a total refund of upto £270, providing 24 hours notice is given before cancelling.  We are unable to offer refunds on the downloadable part of this product of £249 as it is a digital download that cannot be returned. 

How do I know that the course will work? 

  • Quite simply, you cannot know this.  Everyone responds differently to input, so we make no guarantees.  We can only tell you that over the last 4 years we have helped many individuals overcome their eating disorders using the methods outlined in the program.  The difference with our program is that the client can work through the modules in their own time and space.  We provide the same input and feedback that we would face to face, except it is via the course content and our email responses.  This allows client's to use and refer to the information time and again, that may be forgotten during face to face conversations.  

What qualifications do the course creators have?

  • Gwen Davies is an Eating Disorder Specialist Practitioner Nurse.  She is qualified in mental health nursing, CBT and has a degree in Public health.  She worked in the NHS Eating Disorder Service in Kent UK, for 5 years and was the overall Service manager for Kent for over 1 year.  She now dedicates her time within the private sector.  Alex is an Occupational Therapist, Advanced Personal Trainer in Exercise and Nutrition and Life Coach.  He worked within the NHS UK, for 10 years before turning to the eating disorder private sector.  He has degrees in Occupational Therapy and Philosophy.  He also has personal experience with eating disorders and uses his recovery to encourage and relate to the clients he helps.  

How much is the course? 

  • Our basic 6 week HOME Program is £249.  The accompanying guides and reference templates will greatly increase the learning experience and effectiveness of the course.  Our VIP Program is £630 and provides one to one support on a weekly basis for each module.  This will provide all of the above, plus our unique tailored support as you will receive an assigned mentor for the duration of the course.  The course works out to be cheaper than our ongoing sessions as they are charged at £150 for the initial assessment and £80 per session thereafter.  These sessions can often be ongoing past 6 weeks and are led by the client and their specific needs.  

Are there any extra costs?

  • No, once you purchase one of the programs or products there are no additional costs.  The 1 off payment provides instant access to the product purchased.  

Can I spread the cost over a period of time? 

  • Yes, for our VIP Program simply call us and inform us that you wish to purchase the program and we will be happy to a arrange a payment plan that suits you. 

How long can I take to complete the course? 

  • You can complete the course in 6 days or over 6 months, it is entirely down to the client.  We recommend to complete the course in 6 weeks to work through all the modules properly.  However, if you have purchased the VIP program, we will offer online support at the completion of each module up to 6 months after purchase

Is there any face to face or telephone elements included? 

  • The course only includes face to face support or facetime support via the VIP Program or is completed independently otherwise.  If you want us to complete face to face sessions, purchase the face to face weekly input course or contact us on +44 1474 398068 to view our availability/ to discuss location and prices.  

Can I complete the whole course at home?  

  • The course is completed entirely on your terms.  You receive the whole course at once and can work through all the modules in your own time and space. 

Will I receive support throughout the course? 

  • On our VIP program we will provide formal face to face or facetime support to encourage and support you throughout the course on a weekly basis and tailor the course to your needs.  Our basic HOME Program for £249 is an independent study course however.  

Is the course evidence based?  

  • The program is based on the NICE guidelines for eating disorders.  It combines evidence based techniques from CBT, Occupational Therapy and Mental Health nursing.  It also combines lived experience and practical methods to overcome eating disorders as well as many philosophical concepts.  The effectiveness of the program is not only due to the course content, but through the creators unique experiences and ability to relate and engage with clients via their interactive support. 

Where can I verify the course professionals' credentials?  

Why should I not just go to the NHS or other private eating disorder services? 

  • We would hope that you will do exactly that.  Our program is not designed to contradict anything that you may receive elsewhere, it is to complement and speed up recovery.  If you have the option, do take any services offered to you.  Our programs can run along side any other input.  Our course creators were a part of the NHS services for over a decade each.  Also, our programs are particularly effective for early intervention and can be started as soon as the problem is recognised.  

Why is it called HOME?  

  • As an occupational therapist and specialist eating disorder nurse practitioner, Alex and Gwen developed a new way to look at eating disorders and a new approach to overcome them.  It is based on occupational therapy theory, and is called the

  • Human                       

  • Occupational 

  • Model for    

  • Eating disorders 

  (HOME) Course 

I have had an Eating Disorder for over 10 years, can the program help me?    

  • Although we have said that the program is particularly effective for early intervention, the program can work for anyone experiencing eating difficulties for any period of time.  The main factor to recovery, is a client's urge, desire and need to want to change and engage in the program.  Clients who have experienced difficulties for over 2 years will generally have learned ways of coping that maintain them in an unhealthy cycle.  These behaviours will have become ingrained and habituated in a way that can make them harder to overcome.  This is not to say that it cannot be done, but it is important to be aware that clients in the longer term bracket will have to work and engage with the program harder than clients within the early intervention bracket.  

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