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ARD Therapies

Established since 2014, ARD Therapies strive to deliver a first class service within the private and public health sectors to change lives for the better. 
We offer a range of therapies covering a wide spectrum such as eating disorders, independent health visiting, mental health nursing, occupational therapy, personal training, life coaching and CBT.  

We are delighted to provide our services to new mums and to those expecting.  Having a child is a life changing event, and looking after your own mental well being is essential for you to be able to be there for your baby in the best way possible. 

It can be an overwhelming experience at times.  May be you feel that you just cannot cope, or feel that there is not enough support to help you through the early stages.  Perhaps the arrival of the baby has brought up thoughts and feelings that you never imagined you would experience.  Whatever the situation may be, we are here to help you to completely turn things around.  

Very often, support is not required for long periods.  You may only need someone to listen to you and to understand what you are going through.  We have extensive experience in treating anxiety and low mood affecting new mums.  Our specialist nurse practitioner has the exact qualification and skill mix to direct you to recovery in the shortest possible time.   

We have 3 levels of support available to choose from so that we can support you in the right way and in the degree that you feel you need. 

Email or call 01322 685373 for more information. 
Check out our support programs here.  


Our first visit to you

During our first visit, we will carry out a thorough assessment of your needs.  We will also assess your baby and provide a full health check of them.  This is done to alleviate any concerns or fears that you may have and so that you can build a therapeutic relationship with our specialist.  In order to help you through a difficult time, you need to feel comfortable with the person you are sharing things with.  Once a therapeutic relationship has been established, we offer 6 sessions to be conducted either face to face, or via telephone or Skype to support you.  Costs will vary dependning upon the level of support that you request, but the quality of the service and input you receive will always be to the highest standard and be a fantastic support service to you.  Between sessions you will also have access to our specialist on a daily basis via email contact.  So our specialist will be on hand whenever you need them and support you every step of the way.  All of the above will be available to you for a single affordable payment which will provide support for up to 8 weeks.  We also provide the option of paying over 2 or 3 instalments if you would prefer. 


See our prices for each level of support below.  

Mother and Baby in Autumn

What We Can Do For You

Why choose ARD Therapies 

  • We offer superb value for money. 

  • There are no hidden costs and we offer payment plans to spread the cost of our input.  

  • Our specialist has 15 years experience working within the NHS and private sector.  She is a fully trained mental health nurse, Health visitor and CBT practitioner.  

  • The level of support you will receive will far outweigh the cost.  

  • Our pre and postnatal service is more than a business to us, we are passionate about helping mums who are struggling and will go the extra mile to provide the support, knowledge and listening ear that can make such a difference.  

  • The option of persevering on your own can be very detrimental to yours and your baby's health.  As we mentioned before, being in a good place, is so important to create a happy, healthy, well balanced environment for your baby to thrive in.  The little ones are very intuitive and will learn from you in ways you may not have imagined.  So we urge you to take positive action to get your self in the best state of mind that you can.  Even if that means finding help elsewhere, we urge you to do so.  Do your research and find the best person to help you, as it is so important, not just for you, but for your baby.  

  • The support you receive from us can set you on the right path to lasting emotional stability.  It is not a quick fix to only feel better today.  We want to establish positive behaviours and thought patterns that will help you time and again.  

Call us to find out more and to see if we can help on 01474 871432

Services + Pricing: 

Baby in Mother's Arms

"Everyone can improve their mental well-being, if they look in the right places and get the right support"

Based in Kent, UK

Premium Support Package

  • Initial visit carried out at your home 1-2 hours

  • Full health check for you and your baby 

  • 6 x Weekly 30 minute telephone/Skype sessions

  • Daily email support as needed

3 x payments of £97 (£291)

VIP Support Package

  • Initial visit carried out at your home 1-2 hours

  • Full health check for you and your baby 

  • 6 x Weekly face to face sessions

  • Daily email support as needed

3 x payments of £150 (£450)

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Tel: 01474 871432

Mob: 07789996443 

Services + Pricing

Basic Support Package

  • Initial visit carried out at your home 1-2 hours

  • Full health check for you and your baby 

  • 6 x Weekly 30 minute telephone/Skype sessions

3 x payments of £75 (£225)

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