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Face to face / Skype sessions

Depending upon your location, you can visit us at our therapy clinic, otherwise we can provide you with Skype or Zoom sessions.  This provides a personal face to face service that can allow for the highest level of interaction and connection between us.  Face to face sessions are conducted by Gwen Davies or Alex Davies.  Gwen provides clinical specialist knowledge to aid you in understanding and overcoming the difficulties.  Alex gives a lived perspective on the disorder and will share his coping strategies to you, in a way that can be related to your current circumstances.  Additional benefits of our face to face contact includes:

  • Optimum level of engagement between client and professional 

  • Higher emotional connection and trust developed via face to face contacts with therapists.  

  • Come to our therapy clinic or complete the sessions via facetime.  


Initial Assessment:  = Free: (Usually £150)  

Duration: = 1hr 30 mins

Therapy Sessions:  = £80 

Duration: = 60mins

Alternatively, you can get access to our 6 week course for £249 which can be studied and worked through independently for the above price or can be completed with our face to face input for an additional fee.  CLICK HERE FOR COURSE INFO.  


For any face to face enquiries, please email or telephone +44 7854122089  

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