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Overcoming purging...

"I was purging multiple times per day for at least 3 months.  I had lost an extra 2kg in the week leading up to having input from Gwen and Alex.  

They helped me understand why I was going through what I was going through.  They helped me to set some positive goals and created a meal plan and a daily strategy to achieve them.  

After the first week of seeing them, I regained 4kg and continued to gain healthy, good weight, each week until I was a healthy weight.  

Gwen's knowledge and approach was very helpful and I could really relate to Alex's story and how he overcame his own difficulties.  

Their input really has helped me to get my life back on track, Thank you."

Restricting calories.....

"I didn't think that anyone could help my daughter.  We had not had the best experience with local services and so turned to Gwen after being recommended by Jenny Langley (BEAT).  

Our daughter was heavily restricting calories, was cutting out many food  groups.  Her mood was consistently low and her self -esteem was in her shoes.  Gwen provided input for around 3 months before discharging her.  

Since discharge from ARD Therapies, she has been doing very well, maintaining a good healthy outlook. She has had a school prom, is enjoying a different circle of friends also and is communicating her thoughts well.  She has made big changes and eats foods that where a complete no go area (and) the changes in her eating is brilliant. She has got her self a job and is looking forward to working and a new chapter. 

I can not thank you enough for stepping in when you did and helping.  You said you could help her, you did.  

Many thanks and many best wishes

For ever grateful"


Changing how I saw things.....

"I didn't understand why I was suffering from something as terrible as anorexia.  Gwen and Alex helped me to see the 'disorder' as a coping mechanism for my anxieties.  They changed the way I saw things.  They helped me to understand that I could use positive ways to manage my distress and showed me that change really was possible.  They didn't just ask me to eat and put on weight.  They asked me to think about weight gain in a way that I could relate to, by helping me understand how weight gain can be 'good' in the form of muscle tone and bone density, especially at my age and development.  I am really hopeful about the future to make lasting changes."  

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