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Below is a description of exactly what you will receive on our VIP Program.  It is all available instantly via downlaod.  

6 Modules Covering Key aspects of recovery 

Easy to follow and each designed to tackle a different aspect of eating disorders to empower recovery.  Filled with practical exercises and examples to engage clients actively in the recovery process

6 weeks Face to Face or Facetime mentoring support from an assigned Eating Disorder Specialist to take you through each module and tailor the support to your needs

Your Eating Disorder mentor will provide weekly sessions around each course module and set homework for you to complete each week in preparation for the next session.  Each module completed will be tailored to support your exact needs


Learning and support Guides

The HOME Nutrition Guide 

An in depth study guide to help demystify carbs, fats, proteins and to help you think about food in a healthy functional way 

 Family Support Guide

Do's and Don'ts for families to help in the recovery process and to create the most conducive environment to promote well-being

The HOME Meditation and Mindfulness Guide (for anxiety & stress management) 

A practical step by step guide with meditation / mindfulness techniques so vital to overcoming crippling anxiety 

Example and Reference Templates Included

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation guide 

This guide will show you how to accurately estimate your daily calorie requirements based on your height, weight, age, gender and activity levels.  This takes the guess work and uncertainty out of a complex issue 

The Home Meal plan creation tool 

Following completion of the nutrition module you will have the knowledge to create your own healthy meal plans that meet your nutritional needs and long term goals  

The HOME Professional Goal setting Templates 

These provide a way for you to formulate 'SMART' Goals that are essential to recovery 

Payment plans available over instalments.


Contact us on +44 7854122089 or email

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