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ARD Therapies

Established since 2014, ARD Therapies strive to deliver a first class service within the private and public health sectors to change lives for the better. 


We have extensive experience in treating eating disorders, anxiety and depression and have created a unique approach for helping people overcome them.  


Eating disorders can be caused through a range of different physical, psychological, emotional, social and environmental factors.  Every individual is different, however, there are common attributes that can be found.  Feelings of low sel-esteem and self-worth, high levels of anxiety, together with certain misconceptions about food can often be prevalent.  


We believe that change is very possible but requires lots of effort and discipline from the client themselves.  Changing certain unhealthy learned behaviours and misconceptions around food requires step by step guidance.  Guidance on learning to idenfity the problem, and challenge key thoughts by changing them to create different feelings and behaviours.  


We provide CBT techniques, a positive listening ear and practical coping strategies to clients.  Our face to face service will deliver this to you at our clinic in Greenhithe.  

Our input is particularly effective for early symptoms but can still be used for those individuals who have suffered for years but are ready to make changes.  


Our beliefs:  

Change is possible.  

We can help empower you to become the best that you can be.

You are the only one who can really make it happen.  

What We Can Do For You


Short term and long term cycles 

Manipulating food intake as a way to feel better about ourselves and to cope with certain stresses in life is the start of the unhealthy short term cycle.  Restricting calories without providing the body with the proper nutrition causes our bodies to have no energy, creates higher anxiety and low mood and also makes us lose weight in the worst way possible.  We lose muscle tone and still retain fat in the areas we are trying to lose it.   As a result, one may further restrict, repeating the cycle in an endless downward spiral.   This is the short term unhealthy cycle.  


The long term unhealthy cycle is caused by coercing and forcing someone to eat, to get them to a target weight.  This will only cause them to fight back even harder or artificially gain weight to appease other people, only to lose even more weight once they have achieved the 'target number'.  This is the long term unhealthy cycle that needs to be undone or prevented from starting.   




ARD Therapies provides a specialised therapy approach that identifies the positive attributes that someone will have that can steer them towards eating disorders; such as being highly determined, driven, focused and high achieving to a name a few.   By doing so, clients can start to focus on the positive aspects of their self that they may have started to ignore through focusing only on the illness.  This can help to lift clients self esteem which is crucial to overcoming the disorder.  

We attempt to change how clients see and understand food by addressing false beliefs and misconceptions that they may hold. 

We then look at the underlying causes of the difficulties by exploring external stresses as well as any psychological barriers that are preventing a healthy relationship with food. 

The earlier the right intervention is provided, the easier it is to break the short term cycle and prevent the long term cycle from ever happening.  

Our Specialist Therapy Approach covers a range of topics .  

Body Image - We will help you  to define exactly what image you want to achieve and identify the barriers holding you back.  We will explore how you can achieve a balanced, healthy, positive body image that you can be proud of.  

Control - We put you in the driving seat to determine what you want, and how you want to achieve it.  We will explore how you can create more control and choice in your life by examining where you may feel that control has been lost.   

Anxiety and Low mood management - We explore any psychological or emotional barriers that may be holding you back and use CBT techniques to combat these.  

Nutrition and Meal Plan Creation- to demystify proteins, carbs and fats we will provide you with information and facts about the food groups and the way the body processes each of these.  We will then create a meal plan with you that will be nutritious and healthy, that you are happy with to accelerate you to your new self.  

Exercise - we will tailor an exercise program specifically designed for you and your unique needs.  

Relapse Prevention - We provide you with techniques to maintain your progress and identify common issues relating to relapsing so that you can remain a step ahead and keep moving in the right direction.  


  • We listen to what you say and keep you in control every step of the way

  • We have extensive experience working within mental health and eating disorder services both within the NHS and private sector. 

  • Our professionals are registered on the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) register and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).  As well as having degrees in Public Health, Occupational Therapy and Philosophy.  We have an Advanced Personal Trainer, Life Coach and CBT specialist.  

  • We understand eating disorders having experienced the symptoms ourselves.  We won't ask or expect you to put on weight in the form of just body fat as we know that the wrong type of weight gain will only increase anxiety and the likelihood of a relapse.  

  • We provide unlimited support throughout the whole duration of the program.  

  • No waiting list.  We can begin seeing you within 48 hours of your initial contact.  

  • We can see you in the comfort of your own home, either face to face or via Skype (depending upon location).  

"You can drag someone to a destination, but once they want to go there, they will go on their own"  

Based in Kent, UK



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